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Ottawa Mold Removal Tips

If your Ottawa home or friends have traces of mold within it, you know there are lots of chatter around the cost of mold removal and what the best course of action is to remove it. To begin though, it is important to understand the source of mold, how it got to your home, and the best action to take once it is there.


While there are severe health effects to having mold, it’s important to realize the source is always going to be wet spots or water. Common areas for water to seep in, will be common areas where mold removal Ottawa teams should be looking to eliminate it – basements, attics, and outer areas.

Mold remediation experts can help you find the source of the moisture or you can find it yourself, however as soon as it has been located be sure to cut off the source and dry it off. The smaller the affected area, the more likely you can use a biocide agent to remove the mold, and the less likely you need to contact a professional mold inspection company. Government organizations recommend not hiring a professional for smaller areas, and keeping documents for any work done on bigger areas for insurance purposes.

If you do end up hiring a professional, do not let the scare tactics used by many contractors to get tons of money out of you. Not all mold is toxic, and while it can present major health issues if it is. The best course of action is to always get multiple opinions from several mold remediation contractors in the Ottawa area and go with the best choice.

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